Saturday, February 27, 2016

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@ To help in improving the understanding of Mathematics and Science/Technology related subjects
@ To help in  reducing examination malpractices
@ To help in job creation and in  reducing unemployment
@ To help in bringing meaningful development
@ To help in building  a good future for our children.

In its starting, emphasis is being laid on the improvement of the knowledge of Mathematics because this is the foundation for Science and Technology. 

Toward achieving these, various programs are being planned which include:

1.            Provision of free Mathematics lectures in schools
2.            Organization of workshops for students (in-house and general)
3.            Organization of Seminars for teachers (in-house and general)
4.            Production of CDs to teach Mathematics
5.            Creation of Educational Television program to teach Mathematics on air
6.            Formation of Mathematics teaching squads to go to different schools
7.            Establishment of Mathematics centre in schools, Local Governments, Libraries, etc
8.            Production of teaching aids for various topics in Mathematics.
9.            Writing and Publication of new books on Mathematics for the various levels.

The intention is to start with free mathematics workshops for students in Primary and Secondary schools. This is because a better understanding of mathematics will lead to increase in the number of students offering Mathematics and Science/Technology related courses. This will subsequently lead to a sharp reduction in the number of unfilled positions in science and technology related areas thus a reduction in the rate of unemployment in the nearest future. As mentioned earlier there will also be marked reduction in examination malpractices.
The free Mathematics workshop is aimed at helping students improve their understanding of mathematics. It is a well-known fact that students have problems in passing Mathematics in various examinations both internal and external. The problem can be traced to one or more of the following reasons:
1.          Lack of a tutor who is adept at teaching the subject and teach in a simple/clear manner.
2.          The feeling of fear towards the subject by many students
3.          Not giving adequate time to solving mathematical problems
4.          Lack of Textbooks, Teaching aids and Tools for the subject
During the workshop, teaching of the subject will be done with fun and in a simple/clear manner, the students will be helped to overcome the phobia for the subject gotten over the years.
In addition, we will give various problems for students to solve after the training sessions and their work will be supervised and corrected. Through this workshop, students will have broadened their knowledge of the topics they could have previously been taught in their schools. They will also be exposed to new topics and they will also interact and connect with one another concerning the subject.  

 The correspondence program is meant to complement the teaching work at school. It will enable students to study on their own in at their own pace making it easy for them compared to reading large and voluminous textbooks. Tutoring will be done at least once in a month to discuss the contents of each course with the students. The tutor will also attend to students individually based on schedules. 

 The mobile teaching squad is important in the sense that a group of experts in the subject will meet with the students at their location which may be their schools or fixed venue for a period of two weeks or less or more to help them with their various mathematical problems.

 Most of the available CDs on teaching of mathematics are foreign and language barrier makes it difficult for students to understand their messages. The locally made ones do not have good presentation which are adequate enough to bring students out of their situations. The new CD will help in the sense that the various deficiencies will be corrected.

 We intend to produce better books in mathematics for the JSS3 Examination, WASSCE and the UTME examinations. The books will have special qualities that will make it easier for students to understand the topics treated in a short period of time. We will make use of program approach in the presentations of the books.

 This is important in the sense that the students will have constant access to the tutor and audio-visual facilities, each centre is to be manned by two or more mathematics experts. The centre will be equipped with adequate textbooks to any level as well as audio-visual training equipment.
Educational CDs in Mathematics will be placed at the centre and power generator will be in place. The centre will also have at least a classroom where workshops/seminars on mathematics will be organized from time to time. Students will also be scheduled for personal attention through which their individual problems in the subject will be addressed. Our intention is to have established at least one centre  in each local government which will be sponsored by the local government.
In addition we will like to have a mathematics centre in the available libraries both public and private. In maintaining the centre, students may need to support by registering yearly with a little amount of money subsequent to which they will have access to the facilities and tutoring at the centres. The centres will be interconnected in the sense that a student can use any of the other centres once registered in one of them.

 Through the workshops we will help the students improve on their understanding of various topics in the various science subjects. The topics are presented in simple and clear manner using the Microsoft power-point presentation package and projected on a screen during the workshop. Competent tutors are employed for the training as well. Other subject areas for workshops are Basic Science/Technology, Computer Studies, Technical Drawing and Quantitative Techniques, Economics and Geography. We also take students on excursions to buttress their understanding of certain topics in the various subjects.

The seminars will help the teachers to improve on their methodology of teaching as well as improve their skills in the subjects concerned. Teachers will also be taught how to avoid caning and use of abusive languages on students. In addition, they will learn how they can help the students to overcome the phobia for mathematics.
We are prepared to work along with you in other areas to bring about the necessary developments to our society.

This NGO is fully prepared to contribute her best to the growth and development of our society especially the development of the youths in the area of science and technology and is in need of technical and financial supports towards achieving the various objectives. I hereby request for your supports in various forms and I hope that you will recommend the NGO to educational institutions and groups of people, companies, governmental bodies, individuals, etc, that may benefit from our various programs or who could be of support to the organization in achieving her various objectives.
Thank you in anticipation of your supports.

Yours sincerely
Olujimi Abraham Akinde