Monday, January 17, 2011


The main goals of the Shuffle Project are:

This is targeted towards the public especially the youths. This will done through non-religious moral talks. This is important to build the set of people that will be morally conscious and thus be to manage resources for the good of others and not selfish purposes. Through the talks, awareness will be created among all Nigerians about doing something to help others rather than concentrating on self for the country to survive. We hope to work with existing bodies in this area towards achieving this goal.

This is targeted towards the educational development of the entire society with emphasis on the development of Mathematics and Science/Technical subjects among the youth.

Through this we will prevent careless disposal of wastes and remove various wastes from various places towards creating a cleaner and safer environment .We will also create much awareness among the public on the menace .of wastes to the environment and how they can make money through the proper management of wastes. We are very much interested in generating wealth and creating jobs through the collection and sales of the waste materials in addition to making the environment cleaner and safer. For details on this goal, check on the site:

This is a project that is targeted towards solving the serious  housing problems among the majority of Nigerians. We will like to invest in the building of a large number of low-cost, affordable and safe single-unit and double-unit amalgamated apartments. The excreta from these houses will be collected for biogas generation and for the production of manure/fertilizers.

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